E Ride Pro SS 2.0 Electric Dirt Bike

Embark on a thrilling off-road journey with the E RIDE Pro SS 2.0 - Long Range Electric Dirt Bike. Engineered to set a new benchmark in the electric dirt bike segment, this machine is capable of achieving speeds up to 20mph Out of the Box but can be unlocked to go 3 times that thanks to its 72V 12KW motor. With a top speed that rivals the Surron ebike and provides an alternative to the Talaria ebike, the E RIDE Pro SS 2.0 is crafted for those who dare to push limits. This long-range electric dirt bike is engineered to deliver unparalleled power, speed, and durability.

Whether you're conquering rugged trails or exploring remote terrain, this ebike has the stamina to keep you going mile after mile. Designed with off-roading enthusiasts in mind, the ERIDEPro SS 2.0 features rugged construction and sport suspension to withstand the rigors of adventurous terrain. Tackle steep inclines, navigate rocky paths, and conquer any obstacle with confidence. With the E RIDE Pro SS, every trail becomes an invitation to explore further.

Formidable Acceleration: Achieve extreme acceleration in a breathtaking 2.36 seconds, effortlessly challenging the Surron's top speed.

Extended Journeys Await: Explore further with a 72V 40AH Samsung swappable lithium battery, offering exceptional range capabilities. Cover over 50 miles with normal riding or extend your adventure for over 90 miles at 15 mph, subject to terrain variations.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Boasting advanced BMS and regenerative braking, paired with adjustable sport suspension for peak performance.

Designed for the Daring: At just 139 lbs, with a weight limit of 300 lbs, the E RIDE Pro SS is built for agility and endurance. 

Unleash the ultimate ride today!


- 0-30 MPH in 2.36 seconds
- Top Speed: 60 MPH
- 19" Wheels and Tires
- Motor Power: 5kw Rated / 12kw Peak Power
- 72V40AH Samsung Swappable Lithium Battery
- Range: 50+ miles (at 25 MPH), 90+ miles (at 15MPH) subject to terrain
- Regenerative Braking
- Weight Limit: 300 lbs
- Unit weight: 139 lbs

Trailer Source is your official E-Ride dealer, and we offer unparalleled service and value... bikes are in stock at our store(s) and are available in box (price listed) or assembled for a minimal assembly fee. Give us a call today with your enclosed cargo, utility, dump, gooseneck trailer OR offroad electric motorbike need!

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E Ride Pro SS 2.0 Electric Dirt Bike 0x0
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Black - Electric Dirt Bike/Utility
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Brigham City, UT 84302
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Trailer Specs
Stock Number: 03010
Condition: New
Year: 2024
Manufacturer: E Ride Pro
Model: SS 2.0
Length: 0'
Width: 0'

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